What do we do?

We pride ourselves on the number and quality of performances we produce throughout the year. We focus on mainly Improvised comedy however we love to try out new ideas. There is no shortage of opportunities to perform, but only if you’d like to of course!


The vast majority of our shows are un-auditioned. Most new improvisers will begin in a cast for Dynamite- a fortnightly student comedy show (check out its page!) which we host. Once a cast is decided then the director of that show will organize rehearsals to help train up your skills in the sketches and scenes that’ll be performed in your show. After that everything just gets better!

We do Scratch Nights, where experimental improv ideas can be proposed and tried out in a supportive environment. We have annual Halloween and Christmas shows, and Charitable fundraising shows are often organised by members throughout the year.

As the months progress we normally do some more Longform Improv- shows with 60 minute narratives made up entirely off audience suggestions. Some recent shows include Summer Dayz and Dinnertime.

Oh and there’s that small thing… the EDINBURGH FRINGE. One of our shows go every year, and everyone is invited to take part.

So come along and give it a go! You never know what might happen :)