President: Harry Allmark

Harry has been doing improv since he was 8 years old, performing at an after school drama club. As he grew older he passed all 8 acting grades with distinctions and went on to teach improvisation and comedy at the drama club stage 2.
Coming from Shrewsbury in Shropshire, there weren’t many opportunities for comedy and performance, but since his time at Bristol Harry has doing a number of improv and sketch shows, written and directed 2 comedy theatre pieces, produced a short film, performed as a puppeteer in a kids comedy show and has begun his career as a stand up comedian.
Harry loves improv, it’s had a huge influence on his life and he can’t wait to watch the society grow next year.

“I hate comedy” - Harry Allmark

Workshop Rep & Vice President: Harry Day

Hi, I’ve been doing Improv since September 2016. I’m a big fan of it. I’ve performed in comedic and non-comedic improvisational theatre. It makes me sad when people don’t think they can do it - if you’ve ever made your friends laugh, you can do improvisational comedy.

I love funky music, sustainability focused actions and my dog.

“Won’t you take me to funky town?”

Secretary: Katy Pritchett

Hello, hi there, hey!
Can I take a minute of your time to talk about secretarying? No? Oh, alright then, have a great day!
Awh shucks, that’s the 4th today. Maybe people just aren’t interested in secretarying in this day and age. I’m pretty sure google calendar does it all anyway, computers will be the end of us all. Heck, the way things are going, all we’ll have to do to fill our time is -shudder- performing arts.
No way, not me, you’ll never find me doing anything as artsy as improvised comedy, i’m gonna admin this town if it’s the last thing I -

“ “it’s a fusion of jazz and funk, it’s called junk” the 2005 film Robots featuring Robin Williams and Ewan McGregor is the best thing to happen to the entertainment industry” - Katy Pritchett

Treasurer: Mark Christopher Davis

Turns out, you can be “wholesome” without the word being part of your lexicon. Who knew? Being the previous committee’s equality officer, Improv has been a massive, positive part of my time here at University, and the friends I’ve made while here will be thoroughly ruined when I tell people to cough up cold, hard cash.

“In my walks, every man I meet is my superior in some way, and in that I learn from him.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Social Secretary & Publicity Officer: Aimee Egglesfield

The proud owner of six cats.

"I own six cats and am proud of that fact" - Aimee

Collaborations Officer: Eddie FJ

The cool one

"Eddie FJ is the cool one" - My mum

Equalities Officer: Rosa Handscomb

Oh hey - didn’t see you there. I’m Rosa, and I blooming love equality. And Improv. If I could have two things for Christmas, I’d probably get a pony called Billio who could fly me to a non-geographical location and had a wacky voice and some laser powers, and then I’d also get some tasty, tasty equality. If flying ponies or maybe even equality are your jam - drop me a line, we’ll probably get along.

Dynamite & Gigs Rep: Jacob Burley

Well done, you made it to the bottom of the page. You must be pleased.

We're not like the people up there, things on the downscroll are done a little differently.

Wanna be cool, like me? If you're gonna be new to the society in September, here's how

When you speak to me for the first time (freshers fair, workshop, show etc), whisper 'I know' and don't provide any context. It will 100% confuse and freak the bejeezus out of me because I won't remember having written this, which will be good fun to watch.

When I do remember, I will be impressed, and you will be cool.

Now remember; improv is grounded in fear.

Good luck.

"Agh! Don't do that tortoise!" - Jeremy Clarkson, after being frightened by a tortoise