We are Bristol Improv, the University of Bristol's Improv Society. We can usually be found kicking butt and taking names, because we don't give a script. We like short form, long form, oneprov, scratch nights, stand up, long walks on the beach, workshops, equality, cake and the inevitable comedy revolution.


Welcome to Bristol! We can’t wait to meet you all in the coming days and during welcome week we have quite a few workshops and shows on so we can do just that :)

We’ve lined up three workshops in the coming days for anyone interested in giving Improv a go:

On Wednesday 20th at Clifton Hill House (time TBD)
3pm on Thursday 21st at University Hall
7pm on Friday 22nd in the Pegg Theatre (1st floor of the Student's Union)

On Sunday Evening (24th) we have our first show and first social of the year at the Bristol Improv Theatre (on St. Paul’s Road- a couple of minutes away from the union) at 8pm. Come watch some improv, join in and meet some great people!

This isn’t your only opportunity to get involved though! We host weekly workshops in Union and will be producing two more shows in early October (including a rumored return of our fabulous longform show Summer Dayz) so there’s plenty of opportunity to join in.

Our Facebook Page is regularly updated with news on workshops, but for now feel free to check out our website to find out more about what we've done and what we offer.       Hope to see you soon!